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Price supplement

For any type of document not included in this list and for a particular request, please contact us directly at one of our translation offices in Europe.

Depending on the format of your source documents, we assess the number of words (or depending on another way of counting such as by the line or page) and we offer you an appropriate translation tariff depending on the target language, the delivery format and delivery date.

Free conversion of your pdf documents to be translated

It should be noted that word format is the quickest process in terms of delivery and processing deadlines. We also offer free conversion of your PDF documents (original and non-scanned) to a word version, which can be edited, on which the translation work can be carried out. Using Word format, we can for example load the document into Trados, a professional translation support software, to process the text in the form of sections and thus create a translation memory to guarantee terminology consistency for the whole of your content.

We then provide you with a Word and/or PDF version, totally consistent with and identical to your original document regarding formatting, the font, notes and other design elements and integrated diagrams.

A wide range of audio and video document formats is also handled by our translation offices in Europe to create all your transcriptions.

We would invite you to send us your translation project so that we can provide you with a quotation within the hour.

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Translation Fields

Our translators are required to have at least 5 years’ experience in translation, editing or interpreting in their respective fields of expertise. All translators work only into their native tongues.

Experienced Translator + Native ? A combination which focuses on quality !

We provide expert translation in all technical areas: Engineering, Multimedia, Information and Communication Technology…


Finance translation
Market finances
Financial analysis

Engineering translation projects
Industrial engineering
Climatic engineering
Energy engineering
Automotive engineering
Thermal energy
Nuclear energy
Product design
Financial engineering
Forensic engineering
Instructional engineering
Parapetrolic engineering
Pharmaceutical industry
Renewable energies
Manufacturing industry
Waste management
Technology consulting  
Building - constructions
Biomedical engineering
Space engineering

Legal translations
Labor laws
Tax laws
Trade laws
Insurance laws
Partnership laws
Corporate laws
Competition laws
International laws
Contract laws
Real-estate laws
Mergers - acquisitions
Trade laws
Consumer laws
Financial laws
Copyright laws
Industrial laws

Multimedia translations
Computer graphics
Film industry
Recording industry
Graphic design
Computer assisted design
Music computer assisted
Desktop publishing
Desktop video editing
Computeur assisted instruction
Web development
Internet marketing

New technologies
Internet localization
Electronic media


Additional technical fields

Additional technical fields
Sport industry

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Multimedia, website, NMT, and Internet translation

The field of New Media Technology (NMT) includes all techniques used to process and distribute information in the fields of computing, the Internet, and telecommunications.

Translating in this field — Multimedia, websites, NMT, and the Internet — is a real challenge that our translation teams tackle each day. Our translation agency can provide you with all of its expertise in technical translation for NMT fields.

The broader multimedia sector has become known for its creativity, from distributing information and communicating within the global economy to varied sources of inspiration. Translating in the field of multimedia means anticipating, sharing, and most importantly tracking the progress made in these technologies in an increasingly international context.

Our translators, as experts in communication, will meet your needs for technical translation in fields such as the Internet, the music, video game, and movie industries, the arts, literature, print media, graphic design, and digital technologies.

This page includes a detailed list of our fields of specialization in these sectors.

Our translators who specialize in Computing, Multimedia, or Website Localization will handle your project.

Describe your project in detail and our translation agency will send you a quote within one hour.


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Medical translation

As a translation agency that specializes in medical texts, we know from experience that translating medical documents calls for highly specialized knowledge. Take the following paragraph, for example:

« Le moteur principal de la sécrétion du Liquide céphalo-Rachidien est le transfert actif du Na+ de l’espace interstitiel vers le ventricule. Ceci se fait en deux étapes. La première étape est passive, et la seconde est active. Le Na+ est échangé passivement à la base de la cellule suivant un gradient de potentiel. Puis il est rejeté dans le ventricule par une pompe Na/K qui fonctionne à l’ATP. La cellule choroïde rejette donc beaucoup d’ions et rend donc son pôle apical très hypertonique. C’est cela qui attire l’eau vers le ventricule, de façon passive, suivant un gradient osmotique. (…) Ce dysfonctionnement mécanique requiert la mise en place d’un dispositif de valve ventriculo-péritonéale.  »
(Source : Université Pierre & Marie Curie, M1 Neurophysiologie, Paris)

Conclusion: If the translator has not been specially trained in medicine or has not received any significant experience in the specific medical field in question, the translation process becomes a crapshoot and might lead to inaccuracies or even contain serious errors in understanding or terminological consistency.

Our medical specialization

At Team Translation Expertise, we assign each medical translation project to a professional translator who specializes in the relevant field of medicine. This allow us to provide genuine expertise and an unrivaled grasp of the subject, ensuring that your documents will be properly translated into other languages. Medical translation also requires a full regulatory approach, particularly in the United States, the European Union, and Japan.
Our project management methodology for medical translation

Our medical translation agency uses an exacting quality control system based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard in order to guarantee a personalized, well-defined process with multiple levels:

  • translating your documents
  • proofreading
  • revising for terminological accuracy
  • verifying the page layout
  • generating various delivery file formats
  • and tracking the project after delivery

Clients and language pairs

Pharmaceutical companies, research centers and institutes, medical laboratories, medical and surgical device manufacturers, biotechnology companies, and health care providers can benefit from our translation agency's services to ensure the translation of their most sensitive and most technical documents. We translate medical texts into more than 90 different languages in order to handle the increasing globalization of clinical research and medical or related activities. However, most of our medical translation work involves the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Lithuanian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
Our medical fields of expertise

We cover many specialty areas of medicine, from cardiology to toxicology to genetics to neurosurgery. Here are just some of our medical document translation services:

Medical contracts
Appraisal reports
Medical surveys
Regulatory guidance
Medical records
Public health notices
Drug and device approvals
Data sheets
Protocol deviation logs

Medical treatment agreements
Medical forms
Product labels
Autopsy reports
Drug prescriptions
Medical brochures
Clinical protocols

Instruction manuals
User's manuals
Examination reports
Training reports
Production processes
Scientific articles
Work orders
Research reports
Procedure forms
Pharmaceutical studies

To successfully translate your medical documents, you need to work with translators who have the experience that such an approach requires.

Request a free translation quote and work with Team Translation Expertise, your medical translation agency!

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Law is a broad discipline that contains many specializations, which cover the professional, public, and private spheres. The domain of law affects all economic sectors, and runs up against a problem of scale when applied to an international setting. Translating contracts, agreements, treaties, clauses, and all other legal documents is one of our core competencies. Legal translation therefore requires complete knowledge of the codes and literature of Law in all of its branches.

Our agency works with many French and international law firms, while also providing its expertise to many businesses with legal requirements, ranging from drafting their contracts or by-laws to dealing with regulations.

We have trained a full team of professional legal translators, each with both a law degree and a translation-specific degree. The agency offers a broad range of legal services for translating your documents into the most commonly used languages in the world of business.

If you're looking for a fast, accurate, and reliable translation, the legal team at Team Translation Expertise will provide a solution you can trust in the most widely used languages. Our legal translation department can provide you with its expertise in these branches of law:

Securities law
Trade law
Consumer protection law
Insurance law
Contract law
Corporate law

Intellectual property and trademark law
Employment law
Financial law
Real estate law

International law
Tax law
Mergers & acquisitions
Certification & standards

Our goal is to offer you a truly innovative alternative for your legal translation needs. As lawyers themselves, our legal translators are able to fully understand, grasp, and convey all the subtleties of languages as commonly used in legal texts. Our office can handle translation for your legal issues: Litigation, contracts, leases, registrations, patents, general terms and conditions of sale, etc.

We know that the contents and accuracy of a contract are critical, especially in litigation. A mistranslated or misinterpreted clause might lead to serious consequences for your company, which is why we only offer the services of legal translation professionals.

Contact our legal translation agency for any translation of contracts, agreements, treaties, clauses, etc. You'll get a free estimate within an hour!

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