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Multimedia, website, NMT, and Internet translation

 Translating in this field — Multimedia, websites, NMT, and the Internet

The field of New Media Technology (NMT) includes all techniques used to process and distribute information in the fields of computing, the Internet, and telecommunications.

Translating in this field — Multimedia, websites, NMT, and the Internet — is a real challenge that our translation teams tackle each day. Our translation agency can provide you with all of its expertise in technical translation for NMT fields.

The broader multimedia sector has become known for its creativity, from distributing information and communicating within the global economy to varied sources of inspiration. Translating in the field of multimedia means anticipating, sharing, and most importantly tracking the progress made in these technologies in an increasingly international context.

Our translators, as experts in communication, will meet your needs for technical translation in fields such as the Internet, the music, video game, and movie industries, the arts, literature, print media, graphic design, and digital technologies.

This page includes a detailed list of our fields of specialization in these sectors.

Our translators who specialize in Computing, Multimedia, or Website Localization will handle your project.

Describe your project in detail and our translation agency will send you a quote within one hour.


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