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Legal translation

Law is a broad discipline that contains many specializations, which cover the professional, public, and private spheres. The domain of law affects all economic sectors, and runs up against a problem of scale when applied to an international setting. Translating contracts, agreements, treaties, clauses, and all other legal documents is one of our core competencies. Legal translation therefore requires complete knowledge of the codes and literature of Law in all of its branches.

Our agency works with many French and international law firms, while also providing its expertise to many businesses with legal requirements, ranging from drafting their contracts or by-laws to dealing with regulations.

We have trained a full team of professional legal translators, each with both a law degree and a translation-specific degree. The agency offers a broad range of legal services for translating your documents into the most commonly used languages in the world of business.

If you're looking for a fast, accurate, and reliable translation, the legal team at Team Translation Expertise will provide a solution you can trust in the most widely used languages. Our legal translation department can provide you with its expertise in these branches of law:

Securities law
Trade law
Consumer protection law
Insurance law
Contract law
Corporate law

Intellectual property and trademark law
Employment law
Financial law
Real estate law

International law
Tax law
Mergers & acquisitions
Certification & standards

Our goal is to offer you a truly innovative alternative for your legal translation needs. As lawyers themselves, our legal translators are able to fully understand, grasp, and convey all the subtleties of languages as commonly used in legal texts. Our office can handle translation for your legal issues: Litigation, contracts, leases, registrations, patents, general terms and conditions of sale, etc.

We know that the contents and accuracy of a contract are critical, especially in litigation. A mistranslated or misinterpreted clause might lead to serious consequences for your company, which is why we only offer the services of legal translation professionals.

Contact our legal translation agency for any translation of contracts, agreements, treaties, clauses, etc. You'll get a free estimate within an hour!

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