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Services de transcription et locuteurs natifs

Transcription consists in writing down the contents of an audio conversation. The most important task of T2X experts is to ensure that the meaning of your words and the impact of your texts are preserved to capture the interest and attention of your potential readers. All transcriptions are completed as soon as possible, in all languages and in all the fields of activities our translation services cover: Engineering, Multimedia, Information and Communication Technology, Financial and Legal sectors.




All T2X transcribers are native speakers of the recorded language with at least 3 years’ prior experience in transcription. Moreover, our transcribers are specialists in their technical fields and have full command of their corresponding vocabularies and technical specificities. If the audio recording includes several languages, we will assign several native transcribers to create a real work team.

We can also translate your recordings into almost any language. The process is as follows: a professional transcriber will transcribe your audio/video documents into the required format(s); a translator will then ensure its translation. Our translators use both sources (original recording and transcribed version) to obtain the highest level of technical and linguistic accuracy. Finally, your documents are edited and corrected by a second translator.


T2X offers 4 different types of transcription, based on contents and distribution expectations. For all transcription orders (except In Extenso) our professionals will make sure they:

  • Reduce unnecessary redundancies, which occur often in speech;
  • Dispel misunderstandings;
  • Apply expressive, logical punctuation;
  • Highlight and harmonise the main ideas;
  • Are both concrete and colourful, the better to reach a wide-ranging audience;
  • Select the appropriate catchphrases;
  • Understand the general and technical vocabularies, the development and the talking points;
  • Link paragraphs logically;
  • Adjust the texts to the target audience.

In extenso

T2X’s In Extenso transcription is a verbatim reproduction of the contents of your recordings, which means that all words and constructions are transcribed exactly as they appear in the recording. Everything which is expressed orally in the recording is transcribed as is. --> Perfect for sensitive meetings, where the weight of words and expressions must be maintained.


T2X’s Optimum transcription is an edited version of your documents. All elements which appear orally yet are unnecessary in writing are deleted. You receive a written document of such quality as may be presented as technical report. --> Unquestionably the most required form of transcription: exact, complete and synthetic.


T2X offers a transcription which meets the printed press’s distribution standards (press kits, magazines, articles, memoranda, publications on website, intranet, etc.). While the technical essence of the original document is maintained, we apply that specific style needed for press distribution. The written document will include all those elements (title, section headings, catchphrases, captions, etc.) which result in the style you want and convert your documents into real communication tools. --> Ideal for distribution to the general public, over the internet, etc.


T2X guarantees a basic transcription, extremely streamlined and synoptic. The goal is to extract that which was essential in your meeting, allowing the reader to grasp, at a glance, the contents, objective, and scope of your recording. --> Condensed, synoptic, suitable for distribution over the internet.


  • Physical media: CD, CD-ROM, DVD, VHS, BluRay, USB stick, hard drive, etc.
  • Digital media: mp3, mp4, wav, avi, mpg, mkv, aac, and numerous other file formats.

Examples of transcribed recordings:

Training or refresher courses
Board of Directors


Transcriptions are invoiced by the recorded minute, while translations are calculated on a per-word basis (see translation fee schedule). One minute of audio/video recording may run between 100 and 300 words.


The average turnover for a transcription is between 3 and 4 hours per hour of audio/video recording: this may vary, depending on the specific field, the quality of the recording (chirps, resonance, background noise, interference, etc.), the number of speakers, how pronounced their accents are, and number of languages spoken throughout the recording.


To facilitate the transfer of the documents you wish to have transcribed, we offer several methods:
As e-mail attachments in the case of relatively small digital files, such as mp3, wav, etc. (the file size varies depending on the outgoing server).
By messenger or courier if sending physical media (DVD, CD, VHS, etc.).
By FTP, a communication platform designed for the exchange of files over a TCP/IP network. This allows a user sitting at one computer to copy files to another computer in the same network, or even to modify or eliminate files in the second computer. This kind of transfer is fast and secure, and allows the exchange of large-sized documents using our encrypted servers.


Your documents can be delivered in any of a variety of formats: Word 2003/2007, WordPad, Excel, PowerPoint, or pdf. We can also print them and send the hard copy to the address of your choice.


As in the case of our translation services, we guarantee the full confidentiality of your transcribed documents and the protection of your trade secrets.
All transcribed documents and all source recordings are backed up on our secure servers for 5 years.


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