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Experts in Finance, Engineering, Legal, Multimedia and ICT

Team Translation Expertise offers professionals a full range of services and recognised experience in translation and interpreting services in technical fields such as Engineering, Multimedia, Information and Communication Technologies, Finance and Legal documents.

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Legal Translation

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NTIC Translation

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Medical translation

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Technical translation

Team Translation Expertise heads an international network of translating experts throughout Europe, providing its professional client base with quality services. Our goal is to meet your expectations in translation regardless of the technical or linguistic level of your documents. To better meet your quality requirements and deadlines, we provide translation services which are tailored to your technical field and the specifics of your requests.

T2X offers high-level quality and services. All our translators are professionals in their respective fields, and they are assigned in function of their native tongue: this guarantees the utmost linguistic accuracy. All your documents will be translated, reviewed and edited by two translators, and a T2X project manager will monitor your translation project throughout the entire process.

Finally, all our translations are guaranteed in terms of quality, deadlines and rates.

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